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Our Unique Patio and Garden

The back garden was designed by Michael Collins of Sonoma Permaculture and Biotectures.com. Michael has a great genius for landscape design and plant selection, his works have been featured in Sunset Magazine, Better Homes and Gardens and local publications. Selected floras are mostly coastal species from North America, Australia, and New Zealand. Flowers are white with some dashes of blue, gold and some red. The ferro-cement sculptures are meant to suggest natural shapes and were free formed as designed. There is a fire-pit as well as a grotto with a water-fountain and "chuppa" for traditional ceremonies. The garden is quite large, nearly 10,000 square feet. Event capacity is approximately 50 people.

The front garden came first, and was designed primarily by Michael Collins, though Ted occasionally poked him with sharp sticks throughout the process. Michael by the way is a real genius, meeting him should be a life goal. As in the back garden there are ferro-cement accents and some concrete tilt-up panels. The front garden has a positively dizzying variety of plants. Though both gardens are primarily coastal species, the front has a tropical touch as well with selections such as Ginger, Papyrus, Banana, Fuchsias, and Begonias. The enormous Passion Flower Vine we fear may take over the Inn eventually. The front garden faces south and is a particularly nice place to sit in the morning.

Guests are encouraged to visit with the gardens, to stroke and pet; in fact, if the guests do not visit with and say something magnanimous about the garden Ted will disapprove.

To reserve the garden for your special event, call 875 3388.

CA Highway One
1588 Eastshore Road
Bodega Bay, CA 94923

fax: 1-707-869-1118.


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 homeroomsgarden weddingsthings to doartworkaboutemail usdirections • 1.888.875.8733

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