Dear Guests,

Due to covid-19 concerns we have changed significantly nearly every policy at our hotel.

These changes are done with safety in mind in order to protect you, all other guests, and all employees.

We treat each and every guest and employee as if they have the virus.

We are waiting 24 hours between guest bookings until further notice

We sanitize our rooms prior to and after cleaning. We alternate between a 5 tbl bleach per I gal water mix and a alcohol solutions of at least 60% depending on surfaces in accordance with CDC guidelines.  

We are eliminating all unnecessary physical contacts

We are altering our stayover service for stays of 3 days or less: We will drop off clean towels outside your door in a sealed plastic bag. You may drop off dirty towels outside your door in that same bag for laundry. We will not enter any guestroom with a guest or any animals inside.

We are ending food preparation in the lounge.

We require masks inside all common areas, hallways, walkways, staircases, passthroughs, etc.

We are strict with our check in and check out times.

We are enforcing a six foot distances between non-household members over the entire property.

We are eliminating all paper brochures and materials in the rooms.

We are uploading all relevant concierge service to our website

We are making all procedures contactless.

We are trying to design systems to keep you in contact with our staff as much as safely possible in order to provide the experience our guests have come to expect from our inn.

These are drastic changes, and we apologize for the change of service; it’s a huge shock to us as well. Our number one rule has been and always will be safety first. And we are acting out of an abundance of caution.

We do hope and expect that our inn experience will resume to the old ways at some time in the not too distant future. Until then, we must act with an abundance of caution and discernment.

Not following these rules may result in expulsion from the inn property without refund.

We thank you for your patience and understanding.